6 homemade recipes for shrimp slippery


One: Spicy shrimp slippery

1. Prepare fresh shrimp, peel the fresh shrimp and chop it into shrimp puree

2. Add salt, egg whites and cooking wine to the chopped shrimp, stir clockwise

3. Add cornstarch and stir well

4. Stir well, put it on a flat plate, cover with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for an hour

5. Remove the head and tail of the bean sprouts, wash them, boil the bean sprouts in boiling water and put them into the bottom of the bowl

6. Put oil in the pot, add garlic slices and ginger slices to fry until fragrant, and add spicy tempeh sauce to stir-fry red oil

7. Add water and cook for three minutes, remove the shrimp slippery, quickly put into the pot, and cook for one or two minutes

8. Slip the boiled shrimp into the bowl with the bean sprouts

9. Add minced garlic, minced coriander and sesame seeds, and drizzle with hot oil

Two: Fresh shrimp slippery

1. Remove the head and shell of the sea shrimp, and remove the shrimp intestines after opening

2. Chop with the back of a knife, add egg white and starch and beat vigorously

3. Cook in water

Three: shrimp shiitake mushrooms

1. Prepare an appropriate amount of shrimp and chop well until sticky

2: Wash the shiitake mushrooms and fill the groove with the prepared shrimp slippery

3. Make the stock as the base and steam for 15 minutes

Four: Steamed tofu with shrimp and smooth egg

1. Put the tofu in a pot and boil, put some salt in the water, and remove the beans

2: Crush the shrimp, stir clockwise in a bowl, put some rice wine and fresh soy sauce

3. Stir until you can huddle

4. Scoop up the tofu in the pot, divide each piece into four portions, and dig out the middle part of the tofu

5. Stir the digged tofu and shrimp together and put them in the dug tofu cubes

6. Finally, beat a quail egg on top and steam it in hot water for six minutes

5: Shrimp slippery shrimp puree

1. Wash the shrimp, remove the head, peel and remove the shrimp line, and wash it again

2. Put it in a stirring cup and beat

3. Put it on a plate and sprinkle a little salt and mix well

4. Divide into several portions according to the amount of food your baby

5. Wrap it in plastic wrap and freeze it in the refrigerator

6. When the baby eats, it can be steamed or boiled

Six: Shrimp slippery egg noodles

1: Wash the shrimp, grab with salt and white pepper and marinate for a while

2: Wash and break the asparagus into two pieces, soak the shiitake mushrooms and cut into cubes

3. Boil water, add some salt when the water is boiling up

4: When the water is rolling again, add the shrimp and shiitake mushrooms

5. Add two more cold water to cook the noodles. Then add the asparagus

6. Add some white pepper and chicken powder to taste

7. Beat the eggs, then slowly pour them into the pot and quickly stir into egg flowers

8. After rolling up again, you can hook it with water starch

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