Do you know a little about shrimp slippery?


Shrimp slip is a new type of delicacy, the main raw material is still shrimp, but it is processed shrimp, and it tastes delicious. So, how long can shrimp slip be preserved? How do you store shrimp slip?

How long can shrimp slip be stored

Slippery shrimp can be stored in the refrigerator for about three days. However, when thawing, take it out in advance to thaw naturally, if you thaw it with hot water or microwave thaw, it is easy to heat the shrimp and ripen.

How to store shrimp slippery

The shrimp in the hot pot restaurant is smooth and tender because it is handmade on the day of fresh shrimp, and it can only be frozen in the refrigerator to preserve, but after thawing, the taste is not so good. It can be stored for a week in the refrigerator and will not deteriorate

How to eat shrimp slippery

Shrimp slippery, can be slightly natural thawed for 10 minutes, refuse warm water hot water, shrimp slippery protein is very easy to oxidize, easy to turn red, after thawing, it is best to use chopsticks to stir again many times, in order to restore the viscosity and elasticity of shrimp slippery.

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