Several ways to eat oysters


How to eat oysters


Wash fresh oysters, put them in boiling water, rinse and blanch the shells, and dip them in seafood juice or spicy soy sauce with ginger and pepper.

Stir-fried raw

Recipe for burning oysters: use ham, old chicken, Yaozhu, lean meat to boil for 3 hours, and add peony medicine, minced green onion, goji berries and other ingredients. The alcohol stove ignites the stock. If you prefer, you can eat oysters raw, dip them in Japanese wasabi, or eat them with fresh flavored seasonings.

Warm stir-fry

Preparation of ginger onion iron plate oysters: first peel the shell of the oysters, wash and cut them, and use boiling water until they are eight years old and drain. Fry with Cantonese spring onions and ginger for 3 minutes. Drop the oysters on the iron plate and drizzle with hot oil.

Hot stir-fry

To cook oysters in Thai sauce: After washing the oysters, marinate them with ginger wine and seasonings for 5 minutes. Fry in a pan. Drizzle with Thai juice.

Simmer soup

To prepare the natural oyster soup: 60g of fresh oyster meat, wash and cut into small pieces. Wash the seaweed and put it in a large bowl, add the broth, oyster meat slices, chopped green onion, fine ginger and steam for 30 minutes. Take out and add fine salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper and shoji to mix well.

How to wash oysters

Cleaning with tap water can be, oyster meat is easy to rot, it is not recommended to store for too long, it is best to eat as soon as possible, if you really want to preserve can be frozen it is best not to refrigerate, it is recommended to add some ginger and garlic to sterilize when cooking.

Oysters generally do not need to spit out sediment. When cleaning oysters, it is best to wear latex gloves, put the oysters in the water, and use a brush to brush the sediment attached to the oyster shell.

If you buy fresh oyster meat, which is often mixed with broken oyster shells or other impurities, it is easier to clean as long as the right amount of vegetable oil (peanut oil) is dripped into it.

Depending on what kind of oysters you are, if it is a half-shell oyster (frozen), it generally does not need to be cleaned, if you feel that it is not clean, you can directly rinse it with tap water; If it's Icelandic oysters, open the shell, wash it with purified water and eat.

Conclusion: Oysters can not only play a nourishing role, but also calm the mind and strengthen the brain. There are also many ways to eat oysters, which can be eaten raw, stir-fried and simmered in soup. When cleaning oysters, we should pay attention to the best to bring latex gloves, and then use a brush to brush the sediment on the shell.

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